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ISBN# 1-59705-224-8
June 2007
Wings ePress Inc
403 Wallace Court, Richmond, KY 40475
E-book/Trade Paperback
429 Pages
Science Fiction Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Desdemona “Des” is the head Peacekeeper of Tyron, a settlement on a planet that is on the edge of the outlaw sector. Foul mouthed and tough, she takes no guff from anyone. Though she appears hard as nails, she has a softer side; though only those she loves ever really see it.

Simon is a Daamen trader, and a full foot taller than Des. He and his crew are there to do some trading with the local merchants. Pursuing Des becomes his main goal not long after his trading ship arrives on her planet.

When Des locks up some of Simon’s fellow traders for brawling, the contest of wills is on when he tries to talk her into letting them out. Instead, for his trouble, she locks him up too. Fully planning on leaving the traders to stew in their own juices for a while, Des’ plans are interrupted when a warehouse is destroyed. Needing help to sift through the rubble, she bargains with Simon to help her in return for the trader’s freedom. The only thing is that what Des and the others think is a person calling for help from the rubble is really a strange device. No one Des shows it to can tell her what it is. As Des and Simon work together on the mystery, Simon finds himself more than just attracted to Des and makes the choice to pursue her. Des is not so sure she is up for it, but it does not take long for Simon to convince her. However, there is far more going on than either of them are aware of, and while they are falling in love, someone is putting a deadly plan into action. One that will put Des and everything she holds dear in danger.

Heart of a Peacekeeper is the wild west set in outer space, and I loved it! There is non-stop action, romance, and intrigue. Ms. Verdenius is a master at giving you just enough information to keep you on the edge of your seat, and primed for what is going to happen next. Unlike many books I have read, I could not figure out who the bad guys were, as the author did a stellar job in hiding them until the end. I adored Des and her damn-the-torpedoes attitude, and the fact that she was willing to take on any man, no matter his size, just made me want to read more. Simon comes across as the gentle giant, but the reader quickly understands that when those he loves are put in danger, everyone had better get out of the way. The humor in Heart of a Peacekeeper is raw and delightful, and just laugh-out-loud funny. There was more than one occasion when a head would pop in and ask me, “What is so funny?” while I read this book. I gladly give this book our highest rating, and look forward to reading more by this author!

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