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The Werewolf Series
Book 1- Heart of the Wolf
Book 2 - Destiny of the Wolf
Book 3 - To Tempt the Wolf
Book 4 - Legend of the White Wolf
Book 5 - Seduced by the Wolf
Book 6 - Wolf Fever


ISBN #978-1-4022-1157-7
April 2008
Source Books
P.O. Box 4410, Naperville, IL 60567-4410
Mass Market Paperback
400 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Bella is a red wolf and website designer. Over a hundred years ago, she ran from the pack that raised her and the only man/wolf she would ever love to avoid becoming the mate of the Alpha. It is a lonely life, but worth it to protect Devlyn from Volan.

Devlyn is a beta wolf and has been sent to find Bella for his Alpha Volan. He has always loved Bella and longed to claim her as he own, but must follow pack law.

Pack politics forced Bella to run away from the only family she knew after her red pack was wiped out by a fire. She has been captured in wolf form and placed in a zoo and must rely on Devlyn to rescue her. Not only must Devlyn save her from the zoo but also from the local red pack and his own Alpha. In addition, there is a red werewolf murdering red-headed women in the area and could expose them all if not stopped.

This is a well-written werewolf romance that does not need the added information that it is based on real wolf behavior. Devlyn and Bella are both very realistic and likable characters with a lot of chemistry. At times, the plot is bogged down a little with pack politics and werewolf lore, but there is enough action and romance to keep the plot interesting. I did wonder about the lone wolf Leidolf. He was mentioned enough times to peak my interest, but there was a story missing there, as with the rest of the red wolves and the murdered girls. Aside from that I really enjoyed the story.

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