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ISBN: 0-7783-2212-2
February 2006
MIRA Books
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
Price: $7.99 U.S./$9.50 Canada
298 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

5-B Poppy Lane by Debbie Macomber

Ruth Shelton decides to send a Christmas card to a soldier overseas. She never anticipated receiving correspondence from Sgt. Paul Gordon, USMC. Now four months later they continue their long distance communicating bond.

Paul returns to the states on leave and meets Ruth. A love blossoms even though they have different viewpoints on the war. Their relationship turns serious but Ruth has concerns about marriage to Paul who explains he is a military lifer. When he is invited to meet Ruth’s grandmother, Helen, things take on a new shape. Wartime love letters open a whole new door for Paul and Ruth.

The wall of love is so rich in this story that it touches the heart and embraces tightly.The
characters of Ruth and Paul are believable as well as the stories of her grandmother. Ms. Macomber pens a tale of a misplaced love, of finding it again then savoring every second when it returns. A well-written story that is rare to find.  

Liberty Hall by Lois Faye Dyer

Professor Chloe Abbott is caught in a mystery when she is stalked. She calls on the one person that can help – her loving grandmother, Winifred. Breaking codes has always been a specialty to Winifred. Chloe never intended for her grandmother to help in the romance department with Jake.

One thing ex-marine Jake Morrissey learned in his training is to always trust his instincts. When the news travels that Chloe is being stalked,  he offers assistance. After hearing that her grandmother is resigned to help, he realizes they both are involved in a virtually fatal and explosive situation. With not much time left, he discovers the expertise wartime code breaker not only can pull punches in danger but also the romance department.

This is a romance with a touch of suspense that entices the reader from beginning to end. Sometimes the best person to call on in any form of danger is a loving grandmother. They seem to be there twenty-four seven no matter what. Ms. Dyer creates a great tale with this tale with believability, romance and commitment that springs with great mannerisms from a grandmother hero.

The Apple Orchard by Katherine Stone

Elizabeth Winslow has a problem. Her grandmother, Clara, does not like Matthew; the man Elizabeth is engaged to marry. After Elizabeth finds Matthew with another woman, she quickly hightails it to her grandmother’s farm. Clara comforts her granddaughter with open arms.

Clara lost her dear husband and  not many months passed when Nick Lawton knocks at her door paying her a visit. She is happy to see the sweet man who always seemed like family. When Elizabeth appears, they begin a relationship as Nick tries to help Clara around the house since she is losing her eyesight. With the old letters of her grandfather in the attic, and the help of Clara, Elizabeth finds a rare commodity with Nick that blossoms into a love meant for a lifetime.

This story is loaded in such a tender love that the reader needs to be ready with plenty of tissues. I believe everyone in some way has a grandmother like Clara. She has such a sweet personality about her that left the reader warm all over like a huge comforting blanket. Ms. Stone blends just the right touch that makes this story one that rekindles treasured memories buried in the heart.

Hearts Divided combines three fabulous tales centering on war bride grandmothers. An exceptional book by three gifted authors filled with romance and loves that reminiscence of times past and rekindle loves present. Ms. Macomber, Ms. Dyer and Ms. Stone pen enchanting stories that melt the heart. It is so extraordinary and full of memories I give it a 5.

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