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ISBN# 978-1-59632-060-4
October 2007
17 Pages
Yaoi Erotic Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Darien is looking forward to spending Halloween with his lover. However, he arrives home to find him acting very strangely. Chris insists that he has to ward his house against ghosts! Darien thinks his lover has got to be playing a joke on him or that maybe he has lost his mind. After all, Darien knows there is no such thing as ghosts, right?

Chris knows that Darien thinks he has lost his mind but he continues to ward his house against spirits anyway. He hopes his lover will be able to forgive him for his strange behavior. Especially when he sees the Halloween surprise that Chris has planned.

Darien tells himself there is nothing to be afraid of but then strange things begin to happen. Darien is suddenly very concerned for his lover. Could he really be in danger? Darien is afraid he is about to come face to face with a real live ghost.

Sly Spectral Trick by Jet Mykles transports her readers back to the world of Heaven Sent. This is a spine-tingling yet extremely hot story. I enjoyed it. This story is a fun Halloween treat, and is perfect for a short break from a stressful day. Fans of this series and especially of Chris and Darien will be delighted to visit with them again, and new comers will immediately want to go out and read more about Chris and Darien.

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