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ISBN# 978-0-425-21527-2
June 2007
Berkely Sensation
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
Trade Paperback
314 Pages
Paranormal Romance/Anthology
Rating: 4 Cups

Lucia’s Story, Julie Kenner

Lucia, the Devil’s eldest daughter, is an accomplished assassin, but she is losing her edge. Her father’s offer to let her rule Hell is a great career opportunity.

Dante Moreau is in the business of finding lost and kidnapped children after a long career as a government operative. He cannot refuse to help his father when he finds that there is an assassination planned.

Lucia’s last assignment for her father before stepping into his shoes is to kill a rival casino owner. She never expects to fall for the man’s security expert and son.

Lucia is not a very likable character at first, but how much are you supposed to like a murdering daughter of Satan? Dante seems to make her more and more human as the story goes on until she finally makes a fateful decision. This is a really good story.

Jezebel’s Story, Dee Davis

Jezebel is a thief, or locator of objects or information, depending on your view. After her father asks for one more task before she takes over as Queen of Hell, she runs into the man she never thought she would see again.

David’s search for his brother’s killers is directly linked to the Protector of Armageddon. His brother had just found it on an archeological dig, when he was murdered and the box taken.

The Protector of Armageddon is the target of several groups; the Knights Templar and the Devil himself among them. It is a race to see who will recover it first, a race that might mean the end of the world.

Jessie and David have a lot of chemistry and unfinished business between them. With Jezebel it is the whole 'my father is the Devil and I am immortal' thing. David is obsessed with finding his brother’s killers and getting revenge. They have a second chance here and almost mess this one up also. This is a very exciting tale with a fast moving plot.

Lola’s Story, Kathleen O’Reilly

Lola, the mostly ignored youngest daughter of the Devil, seems to have only one function in life, to be beautiful. To maintain her beauty, she must sleep with men and take their souls.

Crash St. Clair has had no luck in love; a curse in his family. In an effort to end the curse, he travels to St. Kitts to find the Gypsy Mama Leone, but his luck holds, as she died the week before. So meeting that beautiful woman on the beach definitely cannot work out well.

To become Queen of Hell, Lola must steal one last soul. Lola is not sure that after her time in paradise she can make herself follow through on her assignment, even if it means being beautiful forever.

Lola seems to be the most neglected of the Devil’s daughters and her immortal beauty comes at a very high price. She really got the short end of the stick here. Crash is a wonderful person, something Lola realizes very soon. Her entourage is very entertaining also. This is a fun story.

The slightly weird premise of this collection is that the Devil wants to retire; yes retire. He wants to play golf and hang out with women on the beach. His three sons have already failed the tasks he set for them, so now he starts on his daughters. He only seems to have a close relationship with Lucia; the other two are pretty hostile, with good reason. All three stories are well written with vivid characters and great love stories. I enjoyed this collection.

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