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ISBN# 978-1-897445-22-8
September 2008
Champagne Books
103 pages
Science Fiction
Rating 5 Cups

Aston West is a scavenger pirate working from one shipment to the next hoping to find the next big find. He’s transporting a shipment of Blue organic crystals to the Toris system, which if he delivers ahead of schedule, he will earn a bonus.

Rione Sc'lari is friends with the princess of Toris. She is smuggling weapons on to the planet to aid the rebels and the princess in a civil war against the government.

Just outside the Toris system Aston and his faithful computer Jeanie find an abandoned Rulusian freighter just sitting waiting for someone to claim the illegal weapons stashed in its bays. Unfortunately, it was not as empty as Jeanie's sensors thought. Rescuing one female captain cannot hurt anyone especially when she asks to be dropped off in the very place he is headed.

Aston just wants to live his life in peace and after serving in the military I cannot blame him. At heart he is a good man, however, and his conscience will not let him. Although he would not agree, this is what makes Aston such a strong and lovable character. Jeanie is an important and powerful player in this futuristic space adventure. The love shown by this computer is sweet and endearing. If she were a person, I would love to see her as a partner for Aston. She would probably give him a run for his money with her wit and forward thinking. Mr. Hunter has written a refreshing heroic story that promises to build into a spectacular series.

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