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ISBN#: (10)1-4022-1400-6/(13)978-1-4022-1400-4
September 2008
Sourcebooks, Inc.
1935 Brookdale Road, Suite 139, Naperville, Illinois 60563
354 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Jasmine Tremaine is a feisty witch who loves Nick. They have a relationship that blazes until he bites her. Jazz knows a witch's blood is poisonous to a vampire, so she is surprised he is not sick. As the bickering starts between them, so do her terrible dreams.

Nikolai Gregorovich, Nick Gregory, is a handsome vampire investigator who does not make much money from his clients. He does runs into some interesting cases. One person he truly loves more than anything is Jazz, until she begins acting bazaar.

What started as simple lovemaking, turns intense for Jazz and Nick. She wonders why he bit her even though Nick claims she is mistaken. He has no idea why she is over-reacting. There was not even a blemish on her neck, no mark anywhere. If he did really bite her, why was there nothing to make him sick, he never felt even any minor heartburn. Their squabble puts them on edge. Something is puzzling about the whole thing, and it grows worse when Jazz has monster dreams. Something or someone is eager to break up their happy nest and Nick and Jazz are intent on unraveling the mystery. When her dream-battered body can take no more, they call upon a little help from their oddball friends to help find answers before their relationship is ruined?

Hex Appeal is a scrumptiously enticing read, especially when you throw in the goofy paranormal misfits from the first book. The passionate love scenes between Jazz and Nick sizzle. This reader would love to spend a day with Jazz. I love the interaction that Jazz and Nick share with each other. I thought it was cute when Nick thought he would surely go broke with her Starbucks addiction. Linda Wisdom mixes delicious fun, along with a touch of suspense and fast-paced moments with some in-depth characters that are hard to forget. Just the thought of those long fingernails looking at the portrait of Jazz still gives me the willies. Be sure to devour every word, because this is one smacking good read that satisfies. I would like to get a whiff of that Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

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