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June 2006
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, M3B 3K9 Canada
$4.75 U.S./$5.75 Canada
256 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Graham Lawson, LAPD’s weapons expert is tired of being around a Hollywood set. He is in the middle of an investigation trying to locate a twisted brutal gang. The Guardians, terrorize the city and abduct young women to participate in wicked sex rituals in a form of hazing for new members and he is determined to stop them.

Linnet Welbourne has troubles brewing her way. Her terrifying fiancé, Burke Kendrick, will be back from the Crusades in a matter of days and even though he is set to marry her, she has other plans. She will do anything to get out of a doomed marriage even if she must place her trust with the strange man in her closet.

Graham is in the middle of searching a case when he finds himself in another era after being hurled toward a wall of glass, only to head into a bracket of darkness. There is no way he can be in the Middle Ages. Even the setting appears real just like those on the Hollywood set. He would like to know who is playing mind games on him. When he happens upon the lovely Linnet, things begin to look more appealing. Linnet wants to escape. If she stays, she suffers a fate worse than death being married to a brutal man. But everyone believes Burke Kendrick will be a good husband because of his strength, wealth, and prominence. She believes otherwise. And as she prepares for bed, she cannot help but feel the gaze of eyes following her every move. Seeing Graham is a complete surprise, but viewing his attire is a whole different story, as she feels drawn to him. As they flee together, the passion the two share for each other intensifies with each passing day. In time, Graham feels pulled back to his time and somehow this medieval experience has something to do with the Guardians. He and Linnet must follow their own destiny and try to solve the puzzle before it is too late for them.

Hidden Obsession delivers a modern day man to a medieval babe that sets the years between, into one burning passion of days. Graham’s character is suave, heart throbbing and oozes with sensuality. I loved when he said their time had not yet come. Linnet is sweet who only desires to find happiness with a true love. They both illuminate the pages in this enchanting read. Ms. Rock instills a great setting, a lovely ambiance and some great chemistry between Graham and Linnet to make this one winner of a book. The in-depth secondary characters sprinkle in the proper elements to make this a spectacular book as the characters travel the lush landscape of Medieval England to make this captivating read one of splendor.

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