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The Sisterhood Series
Book 1 - Weekend Warriors
Book 2 - Payback
Book 3 - Vendetta
Book 4 - The jury
Book 5 - Sweet Revenge
Book 6 - Lethal Justice
Book 7 - Free Fall
Book 8 - Hide and Seek
Book 9 - Hokus Pokus
Book 10 - Fast Track
Book 11 - Collateral Damage
Book 12 - Final Justice
Book 13 - Under the Radar
Book 14 - Razor Sharp
Book 15 - Vanishing Act
Book 16 - Deadly Deals
Book 17 - Game Over
Book 18 - Cross Roads
Book 19 - Deja Vu
Book 20 - Home Free

ISBN# (10)978-1-4201-0184-6/(13)978-1-4201-0184-3
December 31, 2007
Zebra Books (Kensington)
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
320 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Mitch Riley, assistant director of the FBI, desperately wants the Director position of the FBI. His job is under the gun for not bringing seven vigilante women to justice. Unless he can complete his task, it will be turned over to the CIA.

Alice Riley rallies and demonstrates for the women, despite Mitch’s warnings. He cheated on her years back and because of that, she refuses to heed to his words. She keeps their marriage together until he gets the Director position.

The Sisterhood: Kathryn Lucas, a former long- distance truck driver. Nikki Quinn who knows they are only safe on the mountain. Isabelle Flanders is aware the Padre will alert them to any danger. Myra Rutledge, heiress to a Fortune 500 candy company who started the Sisterhood. Annie de Silva owns the monastery as well as the mountain. Yoko Akia, a former flower shop owner, referred to as a 90-pound stick of dynamite because of her martial arts expertise. Alexis, an African American, owes the feds for putting her in the slammer for something she did not do. Two new recruits, men, Jack Emery, a detective, who loves Nikki and Harry Wong, martial experts, who cares for Yoko.

Mitch refuses to allow the FBI to become a laughingstock because of the Sisterhood. He is aware that Judge Nellie Easter helped the women to not serve any time, along with their attorney, Lizzie Fox. It was Lizzie with whom he had an affair when they both were in law school. Lizzie fears she and Nellie are being targeted. Mitch hires two reporters to help with the situation. Maggie Spritzer and Ted Robinson will follow their trail. But is Maggie as trustworthy or does she have a wildcard up her sleeve? Charles Martin blames himself for allowing the girls to get caught the first time. With Myra’s help, they help women who fell through the cracks with the justice system. The mountaintop is their only safe place. Kathryn does not like to fail. Annie believes the women can handle the case, since Mitch is only one man. Isabelle puts a plan in motion with the help of Jack and Harry. The only drawback, with everyone cooking up a plan, who to trust?

This action-packed read never has a dull moment. As soon as one door closes another opens to adventure for the sisterhood. Hide and Seek is remarkably crafted and keeps the reader tightly glued to the next transpiring events. All of the women have a certain flare and characteristic that stands out making them unique. I loved some of the antics of Maggie and Ted, especially Maggie. With some diabolical and scheming agents, this story is magnificent. Fern Michaels pens a well-developed plot, stunning characters, and turns the wheels on the justice system making the reader stand up and cheer. This is one series that engages the reader and latches on tight.

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