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ISBN# (10)0-8217-8003-4/(13)978-0-8217-8003-9
November 8, 2008
Zebra (Kensington Publishing Group)
850 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10022
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Aimil Siubhan O’Connell Mengue is to wed Rory by summer’s end but after being captured by the MacGuin clan, it appears her wedding may be postponed. After Parlan holds her hostage, she wants to detest every inch of him, but her heart tells her otherwise.

Parlan MacGuin is a strong-willed warrior who meets his match when he encounters Aimil. Her beauty outshines anyone he has ever seen. His only hope is to seduce the lovely lass but one thing he never imagined was losing his heart to her.

When Aimil and her brother, Leith, are captured by some of the MacGuins, ransom demands are sent. Upon Parlan’s return home, he learns of the two captives, and orders them removed from the dungeon. After discovering one of the lads is a female, the stakes become higher. Parlan is willing to sell Leith back but wishes to keep Aimil. He vows to seduce her but being close may present a problem. She is so beautiful, and he does not know how long his patience will keep him from touching her. Aimil is betrothed to wed another by summer’s end, and Parlan is not ready to hand her over. The longer they are together, the desire for Parlan only grows stronger for Aimil, but she does not believe he is the type to accept marriage over his freedom. Can Parlan have her heart and not just her body, or will Rory wreck their plans?

Highland Captive is an enchanting read that makes the reader feel as if they have landed in Scotland, right along with the other clans. The sharp dialogue, not to mention wit of Aimil is remarkable. This breathtaking tale is warm, sensual and purely electric. Hannah Howell sketches two outstanding characters with Aimil and Parlan. With the in-depth secondary cast, this tale grabs the reader immediately. The way she details the scenery and the backdrop of the story is so visual everything just becomes real. I love the love, hate, love relationship she instills between the lovely couple. It is filled with bittersweet moments, and mingled with a spoonful of danger to excite this reader.

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