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ISBN#: Unavailable
April 2008
Moonlit Romance
97 Pages
Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy
Rating: 4 Cups

Callie James is a talented artist about to have her first big show in New York. She does not need the stress of seeing her ex at her friends’ wedding. She has agreed to not fight with him until the ceremony is over.

Hayden James has never gotten over losing Callie. He does not understand quite why it happened, thinking that he had explained everything. He stays busy with his business and his dog Ricky is suffering for it.

When Callie and Hayden split, each took one of their Dalmatians and tried to make new lives for themselves. When they meet again two years later, the chemistry is still there, but Callie does not know if she can trust Hayden again.

This is a good contemporary romance, billed as a romantic comedy. Some of the dogs’ antics are amusing, but other than that, not funny. It is a wonderful tale of two people reconnecting. The reason for their split is a classic one, the wife finds the husband in a compromising position with the secretary, for the second time. I thought the first instance was the height of stupidity on Hayden’s part, not bright to share a suite with the sexy assistant who has been hitting on you and expect nothing to happen. Once he let that woman continue to work for him, he deserved all that he got. Callie is a bit naïve, but in this story never gets angry without a valid reason. Her business partner, Rita, is a definite liability, using the show to chase men and jeopardizing everything. Callie and Hayden’s second chance at love is a nice love story with all of the ups and downs necessary and the Dalmatians Lucy and Ricky are a wonderful touch. In the end, Callie grows up and Hayden wakes up.

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