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ISBN # (13) 987-0-373-06606-3/ (10) 0-373-06606-6
June 2007
255 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
Mass Market Paperback
187 Pages
Medical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Majella was not eager to return to her hometown, the scene of many not so fond memories; but the prospect of buying and using her grandfather’s house for a wildlife rehabilitation center is too tempting.

Flynn has never stopped looking for Majella since she ran away twelve years before. Now the inheritance he holds for her makes the search even more important.

Majella’s return to Paragulla has reawakened feelings that had just started to blossom before Marjella ran away from home. The army nurse and her young daughter are looking for a home and Flynn gets to reacquaint himself with the woman who may be the reason he never married.

Ms. Webber has written a story about a brave young woman who is definitely a survivor. She was isolated as a child; her only friend was the young man who worked in her grandfather’s stables. Even Flynn did not know the extent of her abuse and is hurt and confused at her disappearance. Majella’s return reignites the feelings between them, but he feels that he really does not know the grown up woman. There is much romantic tension in the story, and Majella’s painful memories also add their own tension. Majella’s adopted family and her young daughter add much warmth to the story. Majella and Flynn’s story of love lost and found is definitely worth reading.

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