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ISBN# 1-60154-010-8
September 2006
The Wild Rose Press
225 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Beth Barrett is devastated when her twin sister Jilly is attacked, and then dies in a hit and run accident. Beth is certain who did it but has no way of proving the culprits guilt.

Detective Ryan Snider has been assigned to the case. Just being in close proximity with Beth affects him deeply.

Beth has always held a psychic link with her twin sister Jilly, and even in her death the connection is strong. When Beth learns that Keith had asked Jilly for a huge amount of money before the accident, she wants to accuse him but there is no real evidence. Keith does confess that he loved Jilly very much but at this point Beth does not trust anyone. After Ryan is assigned to the case, there is something about Beth that intrigues him, just by a simple glance. He finds it hard to understand about the telepathy that she shares with her deceased sister. Jilly tries to warn Beth from the other side that she is faced with danger, and when Beth finds herself being stalked, Jilly tries to tell her that she needs Ryan’s help, but Beth believes she is capable of taking care of herself. As the connection with Jilly grows weaker, Beth believes she may have to take Jilly’s advice before she becomes the next victim.

Hit and Run is a captivating read. The connection between the two sisters is awesome. I felt it uncanny how they could practically feel the others’ sensations. Ms. Erhardt takes a well-developed plot and weaves a stunning read that puts the reader in the center of the action. With refreshing characters and some mystery along the way, she pens a wonderful story that keeps the pages turning.

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