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ISBN# 978-0-06-084089-1
May 2007
Harper (Imprint of HarperCollins)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
$7.99 U.S./$10.99 Canada
321 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

John Keller is a professional hit man who stays mostly to himself unless he is discussing upcoming assassinations with his agent, Dot. Keller normally has a busy schedule when he is called upon to take someone out, so to speak. Whether it is taking care of a cheating wife, a baseball player, a wicked business partner or even a ferocious dog, Keller always get his man, woman, or animal. He is glad for Dot who strikes him up some great business.

Dot is Keller’s agent and from her home in White Plains, she schedules his murders. They share in a camaraderie that almost binds them together.

Of course not all hits are as easy as pie; there are a few that test him mentally. When Keller is not taking care of business, he spends his other time on his stamp collection. Keller has been receiving catalogs from Bulger & Calthorpe, stamp auctioneers, for a few years. He hopes to be able to be in Omaha when they have their next event. There are some rare stamps that are of most interests to him. He takes his stamp collection as serious as his ‘hit business.’ There are many things weighing his heart as he considers a possible retirement away from all his work. No matter where his job takes him or to who, Keller does meet interesting people and at times even volunteers to help those in need.

Hit Parade is a story that is almost eerie in its dark way. The reader gets a feel for Keller, and even though his occupation can often be a bit gory, there are moments that show he is human and not some killing machine. His talks with Dot bring out some things that seem to trouble his mind while he ponders his lifestyle and this allows the reader to see him in a different light. I liked the way he and Dot are able to confide to each other. Mr. Block pens a powerful read that astounds in many ways. He instills intelligent characters that one cannot help but take a liking to. I must say the ending really left me sitting open-eyed staring at the pages for a good while.

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