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ISBN # 1555-5496 – Vol 05-06
November 2005
Midnight Showcase
E-book/print book
$4.99/ $12.80
139 Pages
Erotic-ahh Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

One Magical Night by Nancy Pirri

Marcus Calhoun had a close friendship with Anne Prentice. After he divorces his unfaithful wife, he returns home to renew his companionship with Anne again. He never knew such camaraderie could ignite in love. Can he prove his actions are sincere?

Anne Prentice is a single woman with an imperfection - a limp that turns many men away. Who would want a deformed woman in their life, especially one that more or less sits atop a shelf not even being asked to dance by any of the eligible bachelors? After Marcus begins seeing her as more than a friend, she is surprised. She has trouble believing he could love her for being imperfect.

One Magical Night is such an enjoyable read. Marcus and Anne belong together after all the heartache they go through. This is a true romance that instills the magic of the holiday season. Ms. Pirri allows the reader to feel the emotions of the characters. She pens a story that many readers can relate to in some point in life. Never has such a romp between the sheets, or a chase, been such a captivating read. Her short story made my heart leap with joy many times.  

Christmas Knights by Lynne den Hartog

Cindy is shocked when a mysterious man by the name of Nick, who can look into a mind and see the deepest secrets, enters her life. Nick salvages Christmas and leaves her with many surprises. The discretions that her relatives harbor come as a surprise after gifts are opened and she sees her family in a whole different light. And when Nick takes her on a special journey, she is even more mystified, until he sends a fiery delight throughout her, making it one holiday where everyone’s wish comes true.

Christmas Knight is an incredible read. It truly held my attention until the last page. Nick is one character that delivers in this story. He and Cindy make this story so believable. Ms. Den Hartog creates a read that really leaves the reader completely satisfied.

Remember Me Next Christmas by Herbert Grosshans

Karima holds a secret about her identity. After she and two other women and two men exit the moor in the course of a snowstorm right before Christmas, they take shelter at a nearby home. One of the men in the family is completely smitten with her beauty. After
Frank learns her real identity his devotion for her is stronger than the loyalty he has for his relatives and friends. But is it enough to save her life and the life of others?

Remember Me Next Christmas is a story that will hold you spellbound. Mr. Grosshans spins a tale that will leave the reader on the edge of their seat until the dramatic conclusion. This is a read between two different people that should not be missed.

Yule Desires by Christy Poff

After moving to the Big Apple Mara Bergeron is determined to make it on her own, with no help from anyone. Unfortunately, meeting Jared St. Nicholas was not planned, yet he wishes to make her dreams a reality. Too bad he is married and has a domineering mother. But when his cheating wife finally agrees to a divorce, can Mara and Jared ring in the New Year with a bang?

Yule Desires is a compelling read for those who enjoy the domination/submission genres. Even though this is a first by this reader, the story itself was creativity written that rings in the New Year with plenty of sparks. Ms. Poff has written an enticing short erotic story that takes your breath away.

Spirit of Christmas by Ann Cory

Elisa does not quite know how to respond when she hears the words: “There has to be something you want. A dream you have had. What thoughts are floating around in your head? Tell me your wildest desire and I will make it a reality.” The mysterious intruder in her home, who calls himself Chris, seems to know everything about her. Just the mere sound of his voice heats her all over, but does she dare speak from her heart? She never got anything she wished for. Can she gather courage to be truthful to this intruder? “I want…you…”

Spirit of Christmas was a complete joy to read. The characters of Elisa and Chris were well developed making this story such a great addition to the book. Talk about Christmas cheer, this one is a winner. Ms. Cory cleverly blended in some Christmas spirit that leaves you with a good feeling inside. Everyone needs a Santa’s helper in their life. This story mesmerizes.

Holiday Voices is a collection of stories that not only touch the heart but made this reader feel blissfully warm all over. There were no hot coals in the fireplace, not even falling snow outside, but with each page this reader could feel the whole ambience of the book. Each author practically puts the reader in the center of everything. Each of these stories takes the reader on a cloud of ecstasy that fill the imagination - giving this book a great treasure not only for this holiday season but any time of the year. That is why I give this book a 5 cup rating. The writing shines through, holding the reader's attention completely.  

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