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The Hollows Series
Book 1: Dead Witch Walking
Book 2: The Good, The Bad, The Undead
Book 3: Undead in the Garden of Good and Evil
Book 4: Every Which Way but Dead
Book 5: A Fistful of Charms
Book 6: Dirty Magic
Book 7: For A Few Demons More
Book 8: The Bridges of Eden Park
Book 9: Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel
Book 10: The Outlaw Demon Wails
Book 11: The Bespelled
Book 12: White Witch, Black Curse
Book 13: Ley Line Drifter
Book 14: Black Magic Sanction
Book 15: Pale Demon
Book 16: Blood Work
Book 17: Hollow Insider
Book 18: A Perfect Blood
Book 19: Into the Woods
Book 20: Blood Crime
Book 21: Ever After
Book 22: The Undead Pool

ISBN (13)978-0-06-123909-0
October 30, 2007
Harper Collins Publishers, Inc
10 East 53rd St. New York NY 10022-5299
384 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel by Kim Harrison

A much younger Rachel Morgan wants to apply to Inderland Security, but her brother wants her to go in another direction. She decides to ask her dead father what he thinks and that is when things really get out of hand.

Instead of going to a Takata concert, Rachel summons a spirit which leads to her brother, Robbie, along with a very solid ghost named Pierce getting drawn into murder mystery. Soon the trio is being hunted by vampires as well as Inderland Security. What a way to spend the Solstice.

Run, Run, Rudolph by Lynsay Sands

Ever since Nick moved his shoe store next door to hers, Jill has been waiting for him to ask her out, but he has not done so yet. To make that happen, she has agreed to be Mrs. Claus to his Santa, in the Christmas parade, never guessing that she will be a much different woman by then.

Jill is babysitting her niece and accidentally hits her head on one her brother’s machines. Unfortunately for her, it just happens to be the one that destabilizes molecules and she has been zapped with it, leaving her with the ability to shift her form. However, Nick only seems to want Jill’s old one. Unfortunately, she has to hide her identity because someone is after her. Can she and Nick get to know one another while on the run from a mad scientist who is bent on capturing her for his sick experiments?

Six by Marjorie M. Liu

Since she was a child, Six has been trained to be a killer. Now a member of an elite highly trained squad of female assassins called Squad Twelve who are sent in when nobody else can get the job done. While posing as a masseuse, she finds out there are creatures more adept at killing than even she exist, vampires. Even worse, after encountering one, she could be turning into one of them.

Six thinks she is ready for anything but all her years of training did not prepare her for vampires or Joseph. Joseph Besud is a necromancer terrorists are after him for the information he could provide them, now he and Six are on the run from them and a veritable horde of vampires. With Six becoming the very thing they are fighting off, how can they hope to win?

The Harvest by Vicki Petterson

Zoe Archer a Superhero, was the agent of Light who got close enough to the Tulpa to kill his creator in the hopes of killing him. When she did not succeed, she went into hiding to protect her daughters’ lives. Now she is back, risking everything save her daughter Joanna’s child from the Tulpa and the rest of the evil Shadows.

Warren Clarke never forgave Zoe for disappearing without an explanation all those years ago. So when she comes to him for help, his first reaction is to refuse, however he finds himself just as drawn to her as ever. Since she is now a mortal, when she reveals her plan to save her granddaughter, he is filled with dread.

Holidays Are Hell is an entertaining and most importantly self-contained read that will pack quite a punch for readers familiar with some of the characters. The reader can enjoy the book and be secure in the knowledge that nothing their own family dishes out compares to the wild times in their favorite characters’ lives during any holiday. While Harrison and Petterson gave tantalizing glimpses into their characters’ pasts with hints and portends of things to come, Sands penned a sassy sequel and Liu simply sends something new and as always, wonderful. I enjoyed all the stories and hope that I will see more from all these authors very soon.

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