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ISBN# 10: 0-446-53035-2 and 13: 978-0-446-53035-4
September 20, 2006
Warner Books
1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
$23.99 U.S./$31.99/Canada
336 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Theresa Elaine Hopson is a forty-year-old successful businesswoman who has always lived by certain standards. She believes in following through to succeed in life. A devout, hard working Christian, she has made her Miss Thang’s Holy Ghost Corner and Church Women’s Boutique a hot store in Durham, North Carolina, but she yearns for a loving relationship. Her two potential suitors, Parvell and Lamont, both hold promise, and the potential for disaster. Reverend Parvell Sykes, assistant pastor, has a usual knack for being greedy and scheming for his own profit. Whether he can be a loving husband remains to be seen. Lamont Green is successful with his own business; unfortunately religion is not a part of his life.

Baby Doll Henderson, (yes, the name on her birth certificate); famous for her eye-catching false teeth, not to mention jelly sandals and knee socks, has no trouble when she looks for a husband. Considered as eccentric by some, she is a loving woman.

Theresa is a savvy business entrepreneur who has trouble understanding life when finding the perfect mate. She is strong in her faith, and that alone should find her a companion for life; yet no matter how hard she searches, she cannot locate that one grounded man that would center his life on God. What really surprises is how an eccentric woman like Baby Doll can land a husband; yet, Theresa lingers with no one worthy to be a loving partner. There is one suitable potential when she considers Parvell, but still she is not certain if he is true husband material for her. When she mulls over Lamont, who is extremely good-looking, she knows he has not been inside a church building in years on end and she gets the impression he thinks she is not serious. Now she must work extra hard to show that she means and feels exactly what she expresses, especially when Parvell spins the tables by turning a business venture into something that could cause many in her community to suffer. With demanding pressures of trying to save her church and community, now her trust in God is tested along with her relationship with Lamont when he decides to pitch in and help. The two must learn about love, devotion and real dedication in life that bonds forever.

Holy Ghost Corner is a story surrounding a community where true friends take care of one another. Theresa loves life and wishes to find happiness with someone to last forever. She is dedicated, determined and at times, cautious in matters. Lamont is a refreshing character who will go the long stretch to help Theresa. With a touch of drama, some humor along the way, have to love, Baby Doll, Ms. Bowen spins a delightful read. This reader found her words captivating. I loved the Miss Thang’s store and everything that surrounded Theresa in this read that shows trust among friends, and finding love and romance with a happy-ever-after-ending. Ms. Bowen’s voice is always creative and enjoyable to read.

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