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ISBN: 1-59836-244-5
February 2006
Titan Press
73 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Von Branigan has lived a solitary life for ten years estranged from the love of his life. Tati was the only woman he ever loved, ever desired. All those years without his lovely Tati left him terribly lonely. When her life is threatened he takes her to his home, but can ten years of being without her ignite the love they once had when a stalker is so close?

Tatiana Branigan has been in agonizing pain for the past ten years. With her husband’s desertion and now the center of a stalker’s revenge, she desperately tries to put her life in order. Now, ten years later, her best friend and estranged husband, Von, comes to her aid. But this Von is different, sort of like the man she longed for when they were together. Can she trust him to stop her stalker and heal her battered heart?

Rian Branigan dislikes his brother, Von, with a passion. Now he wants to take away the one thing that will truly cause him to suffer: Tati. Will his plan be successful?   

Hope, trust, and love are three of the most important keys to a good relationship. Ten years Von has been separated from his wife. After she is assaulted outside her apartment building, he brings her home for protection. Tatiana soon finds herself back into her husband’s heart and bed after her attack, but there is so much more behind her stalker attack. Von’s brother Rian raped and subsequently beat her and will stop at nothing to make Von suffer. Sibling rivalry can be deadly if not stopped in time.

Hopeless Hearts is a most refreshing read. It is one of those extraordinary stories that is hard to find. The story flows smoothly with believable in-depth characters, making this a page-turner. Ms. Massa has composed a top-notch story with all the right elements that kept this reader on the edge of her seat.   

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Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


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