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ISBN# (10)1-934-755503-6/(13)978-1-934-75503-7
February 2009
Medallion Press, Inc
1020 Cedar Ave., suite 216 St. Charles, IL 60174
Mass Market Paperback
$7.95 US/$8.95 CDN
350 Pages
Women's Fiction/Mom Lit
Rating: 5 Cups

Jill Morgan Storm has hit bottom. It is her fortieth birthday, and she finds herself cynical and jaded when it comes to men and their relationship qualifications. Her last boyfriend left her for his twenty-something student, and she was more upset because he took her favorite cast iron cooking skillet. Jill works as a sous chef at La Papillon Casino and Hotel and though she loves to cook, her job does not give her enough money to pay for her son Stephen's college tuition that will come due in a couple of years.

Davin Wesley used to be Stephen's third grade teacher. At thirty-five, he is a hot commodity at the elementary school where he works. He has known Stephen's mother for quite some time and has always found her to be sexy and sassy. Unfortunately, every time he opens his mouth to give her a compliment, something totally different comes out. Like the time he meant to offer her help with Stephen. His intention was to get closer to her. Instead, the suggestion came out as if he thought she was a bad mother and needed all the help she could get.

When the day for college fees gets closer and closer, Jill knows something must be done. While her son is extremely talented in the art department, having a grade of C in the rest of his classes is not so good. Developing a plan, Jill has decided to look at relationships in an analytical way. She will dissect them like a recipe and try to balance her love life like her cooking. With this in mind, she sets out to find the perfect man. The consensus seems to be that a man who travels three out of every four weeks is best. So armed with her newfound knowledge, Jill sets out to conquer the traveling salesman. Just as her dating life takes off, menopause hits her with one hot flash after another, leaving her with too much heat and not enough action.

“Maybe life is not like a box of Tampax. Perhaps it is more like a Goodwill store. There are useless items all over the place, but you never know when you will uncover a treasure.” I love, love, love this book! Ms. Carmichael has written a sensational novel that will leave you laughing throughout all of Jill's hijinks. Hot Flash is the story of what one woman will go through to give her child all he deserves. The way Jill jumps blindly into dating and comes out smelling like a disaster is hilarious. I especially loved the bikini wax episode. This is a book that has feel good chick flick movie written all over it. Pay attention book and movie fans alike because I would not be surprised to see this on the big screen! A laugh-out-loud treasure of a book for women and mothers of all ages!

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