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ISBN #978-1-906329-05-4
July 2, 2007
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58 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Ashella Astrada known as Shelly to her friends and clients is a phone sex operator. She had never crossed that boundary until Angel came along. He was her favorite client, and seemed to be a genuinely nice person.

Angel Pasqually used to be a racecar driver. When a horrible accident left him blind, he was finally able to see what a jerk he had been most of his life. The only thing that made his days bearable was talking to Shelly. He needed to meet her.

Shelly knew as soon as Angel told her who he really was that she had to meet him. Once she agreed, the nerves really kicked in. She did not fit into his world of movie stars and pro athletes. But he was everything she dreamed of and more. He was kind, considerate, and very sexy. Angel believed that Shelly was the most gorgeous woman he had ever met. He may not be able to see her with his eyes, but his body told him everything he needed to know. When the opportunity presented itself to regain his eyesight, Angel could not turn it down. After being hospitalized for weeks and not seeing Shelly, Angel knew something was wrong. He also knew that no matter what he wanted her in his life for good.

This story will definitely get your engine going. Shelly is a proud and generous person. She loves Angel unconditionally, and is not afraid to show it. Angel finally becomes a man that he is not ashamed of. He views his blindness as an opportunity to make amends to all of the people he has mistreated over the years. Tragedy transforms this man into a person worthy of love and Shelly is just the woman to give it to him. No pit stops here, this one leaves you glued to your seat.

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