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ISBN# (10) 0-553-38412-0 (13) 978-553-38412-3
February 2007
Bantam Dell
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
$13.00 US/$16.00 Canada
352 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

The Castle, The Cave and The Bathroom. Which one holds the most dark of stories and what person would be willing to enter to expect any doom or rather complete ecstasy?

Twixt Sleep and Wake

Elic has a biological dominance that begets human offspring with magical gifts. Similar to an incubus, he is neither male or female and intent upon breeding. Because of this he and Lili’s two and a half-year century enduring love is ill fated. When she cast him a certain gaze with her eye, intended just for him, he still gets a bit of a shock inside his chest. Lili had his heart, but he could never possess her with his body. For Elic, sex is the ultimate issue in his life whereas he can only mate with human females. Then again there are a few follets that he could be with and as he enters the bathhouse and sees those inside the waters, his mind begins to wonder what it would feel like to be inside them, as Lili watches and keeps a close eye over him during his sexual fantasies. His longing for Lili grows intense and even though they cannot share an intimate relation, they are most willing to engage with a group or even a ménage à trois to practice some form of unification together.

Elic and Lili have a way of making the reader feel the intense desire they wish to feel for the other but can only be viewed apart. The way Lili observes, the reader can almost sense every emotion inside her heart as she wishes to be joined with Elic in every aspect.

Lick of the Flame

Darius has an enormous passion to make sure the secret appetites of others become fulfilled, no matter the consequences or the pain inflicted. Often he feels more like a slave to the others, instead of making them often the entrapped slave. Because of this, he is singled out and alone of the follets and maintains his presence in a private chamber deep in the walls of the cave. Darius is really harmless; he just cannot bear the touch of strangers. Charlotte Somerhurst was trying to blow off humiliation and frustration when she left the tower and headed toward what she thought was her chamber only to find a mysterious passage. Once inside, she wonders what it would feel like to be overpowered, bound, disciplined and perhaps even used as a slave. When she is suddenly cornered by Darius, she soon faces her thoughts.

Lick of the Flame is a heated adventure. The mysterious black dungeon utterly kept my attention and only made me feel for the poor ones that had to step into the huge mass of darkness. Their inflicted pain could often be felt as torture. The grave occurrences to Charlotte may have been enlightening to her in some aspects, I often found cruel and painful even if it was a way to teach someone complete submission. Then after Darius went too far and he wanted the good Darius to appear, I could only hope he and Charlotte would come to terms with their newfound relation.

Body of Knowledge

Catherine Wheeler, a professor’s daughter, is an independent minded woman who tries to exhibit some form of seriousness. With the aid of her cane, she decides to do some exploring inside the cave even though she has been warned she will wind up in inhospitable terrain. Thomas holds a courtship for Catherine, even though they have never kissed. Reserved and decorous but always the gentleman, he would like nothing more than marry her, yet she continues to refuse his offer. After her meandering and coming across strange halls, the magnetic vortex has a way of bringing her mind into accepting many new facets in life that sends her to Thomas, who with one captivating kiss can bring a silence quite enchanting after an invisible lover demonstrates fleshly pleasures.

Body of Knowledge will have the reader believing in miracles along the way for the romantic at heart. I rooted for Catherine and Thomas from the beginning. Their story lent great transition to the storyline.

A Demon of Flesh and Stone

Bran continues to have troubled dreams. As much as he wishes to marry Adiega, he is not allowed because she is not gifted. His gifts are powerful and just a whisper from his lips and magic happens. He is the rarest of the druids and his grandfather believes this marriage to Briaga must happen. Bran must find a way to put Adiega from his mind.
Forbidden to wed because of an ancient taboo, Adiega and Bran may be doomed to be apart forever until fate steps in, trying to join the two as one.

This is one story that has the reader hoping that true love will win over any evil wandering in the path of the lovers.

House of Dark Delights is an alluring tale of erotic raptures that create a sizzling sensation from the tip of the head to the end of the toes. The charm of the whole French countryside has a way of capturing the reader as eyes appear to be searching in observance of events being transpired to promises and ghost like visitors bringing guests into the walls of pure enjoyment. The engaging characters are definitely a plus factor in each of the stories as they bring a magical world into complete view. Louisa Burton spins a remarkable fantasy that has the reader spellbound with all the different forms of creation she pens in this ingenious story. From many different aspects in her collection that varies from a satyr, a bewitching goddess and a morph, as well as others, she details tacit passions of many who wish to discover the beyond. Ms. Burton spins a tale that one will not forget, in this extraordinary story.

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