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ISBN: 1-933548-32-0 (ebook)
ISBN: 1-933548-33-9 (print)
September 2005
All Romance Books
Price: $6.99/$12.99
169 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Roxanne Strayhorn discovers that her father is dead and heads to Las Vegas to speak to the police. She learns from a bookie that her father was into gambling and left a huge debt. She can pay the money or lose everything. She refuses to allow that to happen. Her grandmother is not in good health and needs their home. She sees an ad to enter a contest to marry a millionaire. What other choice does she have? She is shocked to learn that she has won the contest and even more surprised when her new husband gives her the money. But he wants something in return. Her whole life is about to change right in front of her.

Jacob (Jake) Worthington Carpenter III thought Roxanne was the one on the lists of contestants. After looking at her entry, he knew she was the perfect choice. When he learns the real reason she entered the contest, he does not mind. He only wants a real marriage in return. What he discovers with Roxanne is worth more than money, but will his uncaring parents interfere before he even has a chance?

How To Marry A Millionaire is a smooth flowing book filled with emotion. Roxanne and Jake are brought together by fate and end up trying to work things out no matter how much interference challenges them. I could almost feel Roxanne’s trepidation when she learned about her father’s gambling debts. I felt the love when she mentioned getting matching wedding bands. The part where Jake never knew real love until he stepped into the house and saw it flowing everywhere was truly an in-depth read.

Ms. Gearner has a gift for writing stories that make the heart soar. I thoroughly enjoyed the scene where Roxanne stood up to Jake’s parents. She took words and created a believable couple with a home loaded in love. This reader thought this was a very tender story and it even left my eyes misty. How To Marry a Millionaire is a feel-good book that I would highly recommend.

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