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ISBN #: Unavailable
July 2007
Dark Eden Press
112 Pages
Paranormal Comedy
Rating: 3 Cups

Nikki is a witch and the product of two famous families, but a misfit. She is beautiful and perky and has no a wart to her name. She also is not a very good witch and is on the brink of losing her job. She also has a family of pixies living in her microwave.

Gregory is a success at being a computer geek, but not with women. They only want his money and do not want him for himself. He decides to hire a witch to help him find true love.

Nikki’s only chance at keeping her job is to show her wickedness by keeping Gregory from finding true love with a mortal. Otherwise, she will be sent home to her mother. She soon falls for him herself and has to choose between her love and her job. However, this can only happen if Gregory gets over his aversion to a relationship with a witch.

This story has some funny moments, like when the Neverland leaks all over her house and she unburdens herself to a troll. The relationship between a spoiled brat witch and an absent-minded computer nerd is hilariously rocky. I especially enjoyed her encounter with Gregory’s gold digging would-be true love.

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