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ISBN# 9781419914157
January 2, 2008
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
126 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Justina Winston with her fellow colonists have arrived on Gallia to escape the over population of Earth. Their mission is to start a new life on a new world free of the trappings of their former lives. She is the colonist’s doctor and it is her job to make sure that everyone stays fit and healthy. But deep down Justina is looking for more then just a new life on her own. She is looking for someone to share it with her.

Diam belongs to a nomadic tribe that wanders around Gallia trying to stay one step ahead of the winds that plague the planet. His people are also from Earth, but they have been living on Gallia for several generations. He is sent to the new colonists with the mission of making them leave Gallia. The colonists are being blamed for causing the bought of sickness plaguing his people.

The attraction that Justina and Diam feel upon first sight of each other is more then either can ignore or deny. But how can Diam do what he has been ordered to do when he is having strong feelings for a woman for the first time in his life? Justina and Diam find away to bridge the differences between them, and find a love that they both have been searching for. Is their own acceptance of each other enough to bridge the gap between their two people?

Imperfect Judgment is such a wonderful blend of future and past. Cricket Starr has written a great book about how people can bridge the differences between them selves to find a solution to a common goal. The characters are well written, and easily believable. I as the reader was pulled right into this story, and was sad when I reached the end. I really enjoyed reading this book, and if you like futuristic type stories you will as well.

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