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ISBN# (10)0758219830/(13)9890758219830
September 25, 2007
Brava (Kensington Publishing Group)
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
Trade Paperback
304 Pages
Contemporary Romance/Anthology
Rating: 4 Cups

The Christmas Present

Beth Monroe thought her fiancé, Brandon, was the love of her life until she surprises him at a party. He was engaged in a cheating way with one of his colleagues, another doctor. She decides to get revenge in the worst way, with his best friend.

Levi Masterson has been a good friend of Brandon’s for a long time. He even started sharing times with Beth and Brandon that soon led to a lot more for Levi, but he never interfered in their life until Brandon went too far.

Beth heads to her brother's hotel, only to find not only Ben there, but some of the other family members. They are surprised to see she is without Brandon and another guy on her trail. She says she and Levi are only friends. Levi says Brandon is no more and he was under the assumption that he and Beth had more than a friendship. Beth tells her family to take care of him, mangle him if necessary. After considering it, the family decides to learn more about Levi and the truth about Brandon. After learning the details, they wish to mangle Brandon. Levi cares deeply for Beth. He can offer fidelity, devotion, a job that barely pays middle-class wages and passion that is wild and sexy. Beth finds something sensual in Levi’s arms that she had never found before. With Christmas around the corner, Levi expresses his true feelings. He knows much about Beth, keeping quiet not wishing to come between her and Brandon. After Brandon sees Beth again, the three must decide where the heart really lies, and Levi intends to fight for the lady he loves.

The Christmas Present is a delightful read. I really got caught up into the action as Levi pursues Beth. He is a man that really shows loyalty by far. I love the interaction of the brothers, and her dad stepping in and taking care of Beth. Lori Foster pens an enjoyable read that is great not only for the holidays but any time of the year.

It's a Wonderful Life

Jeremy Hunter has been playing too much of a playboy, and Monty, his agent, thinks it is time he change his attitude or some other leading actor will take the part in his next role. Jeremy will show Hollywood, he can indeed change, no matter what it takes.

Bailey Tanner is a fourth-grade teacher who is looking forward to the two-week Christmas vacation. When a handsome man rides in on a Harley, she is totally smitten by him.

Jeremy is sick of his life being an open book and wishes reporters would leave him alone. Everywhere he goes, his face is on the cover of a tabloid. He wants to show another side of him even if it means he has to go somewhere else incognito and go into character mode. This is one Christmas picture he wants to show the top exec’s he can be a real leading man. He never thought staying in a small town and finding a beautiful woman would open new doors and a grandeur opportunity. Bailey knows that Tree Creeks does not get many tourists but when a handsome drifter arrives in town, she bubbles all over for him and lust is the first word that comes to mind. He says he is Trey Jones, a preacher and suddenly Bailey feels guilt for swooning in such a way over a preacher. Others see him as Jeremy Hunter, but he quickly tells them he gets that comment many times. When he falls and twists his ankle and Bailey takes him in, neither know how much longer they can deny their feelings. One brother wonders should she allow a man to be staying with her while the other insists she go for it. When the mask comes off and Jeremy returns for his movie, he wonders can he face the small town he left behind and tell them the truth without losing the one woman he left behind.

This was one story that brought a tear to my eye. I loved it immensely. The wit with her brothers when Jeremy stayed in the house with her was a hoot. The plot with Jeremy going incognito, and Bailey, and her desires for a preacher, was indeed a great read. Karen Kelley has written an excellent story.

Home for Christmas

LuLu Cahill cannot believe her cheating ex-boyfriend has run her credit cards to the max. She is more than furious. This is one Christmas she will never forget. She heads home to O’Fallon’s Landing, finding someone who appears to be in the same boat as she.

Sebastian Moore cannot believe he has been jilted on his wedding day. He has been dumped for the drummer. When he meets LuLu, with her own turn of events, things begin to heat up.

Sebastian believes he and LuLu should have the code of the dump, hang together, and stay together after each tells the other their story. He finds her soft and just the right woman he wishes to be with or is it the apple cider speaking? Then there is Sebastian’s mother who believes the nonrehearsal party should continue as if Sebastian is still going to marry Bevvy. He assures that will never happen. LuLu believes Handsome, her Sebastian is a remarkable person. They seem to click when they are together. When the party goes as planned and Bevvy returns, the battle is heated when the men stand on one side of the table and the women on the other. Too many comments of the women being barefoot and pregnant stir in the air, but the women let the men know they have true backbone and their life goes far belong that old saying. As LuLu and Sebastian think on the situation, they wonder do they really love each other enough to go the distance.

Home for Christmas is a wonderful story. It is told in such a way that the reader can feel what LuLu and Sebastian each had to deal with during the holiday season. All the characters have certain traits that make this story realistic in its own way. Dianne Castell pens a story that takes the reader home during the holiday season and puts them in the center of the family in all the activities. She creates a great read with a feel good feeling.

I’m Your Santa is a joyous read, not just for the holidays, but for any time of the year. With caring families who bond, who stay together through thick and thin, and brothers who come to the rescue, this set of stories is beautifully told and really grabs the reader. The emotions are tri-fold in every tale and the secondary characters put an additional spin on things keeping it believable. The witty moments along the way and the spine-tingling romance were a great plus. These three talented authors create three fabulous stories that should not be missed in this anthology.

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