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ISBN# 0-8217-8037-9
August 2007
Kensington Publishing Corp. (Zebra Historical)
850 Third Avenue
New York, New York 10022
352 Pages
Scottish Medieval Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Damian St. Giles, Lord Ravenhawke, is very much in love, but unfortunately the woman he loves, he cannot have. For years that woman has haunted his dreams but it is his cousin Julian that will take her as his wife.

Aithinne Ogilvie does not want to marry just any man, to have him paw her so she can produce an heir. When her brothers bring her Damien as a hostage, to do with as she pleases, he is one stranger she does not mind taking to her bed.

Damien is at the Beltane festivities with his cousin Julian when he sees the woman of his dreams, Tamlyn. She is a woman that he would even kill for, but she belongs to Julian and he must respect that. So trying to get over the disappointing night, he turns to drinking in hopes of forgetting about Tamlyn. Later, when his mind is all fuzzy, he sees a vision of a beautiful woman. Is this a dream or real? When he shares some passionate moments with her, he soon realizes, Aithinne is much more than any dream. From a distance, people often mistake Aithinne for Tamlyn, until they get closer and notice the seven freckles across her face. There have been many suitors; they have come in droves to ask her hand in marriage, but none of them have drawn her interest. She desires to have a child with someone she feels an attraction for, possibly leading to love, not any of the men who have come to her door. So with the help of her brothers, they drug a handsome man and bring him to Aithinne. Once she has sired a bairn, she can release her handsome hostage. The only problem is the attraction she and Damien share has flourished into a love to last all the ages.

In Her Bed is a remarkable page-turner from the start. Aithinne and Damian are invigorating characters that spark the pages. They share a passionate romance that captivates. Immediately the reader is drawn into the heart and soul of the book rooting for these two lovers to stay together. Deborah Macgillivray allows the reader to feel the emotions that the characters reflect in their actions, their contact, and their conversation. With the addition of the well-rounded secondary characters, she delivers an extraordinary tale, not only powerful, but well worth the read.

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