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ISSN# 1555-5488
July 2006
Midnight Showcase
E-Book/ Paperback
$4.99/ $12.24
136 Pages
Lovingly light Ero-Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Madiri, a priestess, has been trained in all of the necessary disciplines for her posting after she turns twenty. She dreams of a handsome priest who is destined to be her mate, and looks for him constantly. The dreams soon show her priest is also a dragon. She is to be the mate of Amarat, the immortal dragon.

Amarat has been searching for someone to spend eternity with, but is only given a few years with mortal women. Madiri is not afraid of him in either of his forms. He hopes she will be willing to become dragoness as well as his queen.

A young priestess and her dragon mate set out to help the people of the area, and to convince the father of all dragons that she is worthy to become an immortal dragon like her husband.

The author tells a very good story and is wonderful with descriptions of both the characters and the setting. Amarat is a very emotional dragon and the reader will feel sorry that he and Madiri might face a certain loss together. Madiri is a very strong and driven woman who quickly falls in love with her dragon mate. The temple ceremonies are a little weirdly erotic, while the love scenes are well written. I particularly liked the grumpy father dragon.

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