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ISBN: 1-58749-571-6
August 11, 2006
137 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Margie Walker is at the bank when she has an accidental run-in with a man she believes is trying to snatch her purse. It is all a misinterpretation that later leads into a further chance encounter when she happens to back into his jeep for a day that neither will forget.

Jack Ivan planned to go to the bank and see Brittany, not run into the Tampa Strangler that lassoed him then accused him of being a purse-snatcher. This rancher never imagined being roped by any filly would be so invigorating.

Brittany is on her way to marry another with Jack hot on her trail.

Tyler Bonaguide is the bank president’s son and is set to marry Margie.

Margie wishes for her inheritance but she must wait until she is twenty-five, unless she marries. Tyler is running for office and his father believes Margie needs to be stronger committed to the relationship. After Margie has two run-ins with Jack she finds herself driving him to stop a woman from marrying another man. She wishes Tyler could be that way. Jack wants complete decision making when it comes to his ranch and he must stop Brittany before she marries. He relies on Margie to help him find Brittany before it is too late. Their adventurous chase not only becomes one to stop a marriage but finds the two discovering a treasure along the way.

In Pursuit Of Love is an enchanting story. The characters are lively with crisp dialogue that keeps the story spinning. This is a most refreshing read that is absolutely delightful. Ms. Whitten pens a stunning page-turner that captures the reader. This was one great thrill ride that I absolutely enjoyed! It is extraordinary and left a lasting impression.

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