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ISBN# (10)0373769318/(13) 9780373769315 and (13)9781426829789
March 2009
Silhouette Desire
Harlequin Enterprises 225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
190 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Susannah Clark works for Hardcastle Enterprises as a wine buyer. Her boss, Tarrant Hardcastle, sends her on another mission. He is searching for his missing son, and she is to go to Argentina to get the man’s DNA.

Amado Alvarez enjoys the life he lives with his parents and their winery. When Susannah arrives on his doorstep asking for his DNA, he never imagined so much disruption in his life.

Susannah knows she cannot return to Hardcastle without the DNA from Amado. She can only wonder if the handsome man standing before her is really Tarrant Hardcastle’s missing son. Because of Hardcastle’s failing health, time is critical. Amado is surprised with the news, but his parents are a bit skeptical. They wish Susannah to leave but Amado has other plans. She and Amado become more acquainted as they discuss the wines. Amado agrees to give her a sample of his DNA if she shares a night in his bed. Susannah is taken back by the condition, but if she fails her boss, it could cost her job. Once the results are revealed, will she and Amado be able to look at the other again?

In the Argentine’s Bed is a gratifying read. I found the story to move at a good pace, leaving a trail of intrigue along the way. I could practically feel what Susannah was going through as she faced the strangers while asking for the DNA. When she was alone with Amado, and her words echoed, ‘Oh, Amado,’ everything just leapt off the pages. It was like sweet ecstasy to the ears. With some unexpected twists and turns, Jennifer Lewis makes this book an extraordinary winner. The whole family displays a wide range of emotions that tugged at this reader’s heart, in portraying realistic life and problems, allowing this reader to connect with the convincing characters and struggle along with them. I look forward to the next installment.

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