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ISBN# 978-1-60168-027-3
Feb 2, 2007
Aspen Mountain Press
189 Pages
Vampire Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

Georges Belleveau knows about living in the dark. As a vampire, survival is important, especially when humans wish his kind dead.

Diane Patterson does not know Georges’ true identity until a demon threatens her existence and her whole life changes.

Georges lives a hidden life, one of darkness and running for safety. After meeting Diane there is a strong magnetism and lust that draws them closer. Diane shares his bed as they fall in love, but a sinister demon poses a threat. The hideous humanoid brings out the overpowering strength in Georges. Fortunately, Georges is able to break the barrier and stop the demon but other issues come his way as an assailant tries to kill Georges. David Duke is a menace. After being used in a program to create a destructive superman, David is trained to kill all white people, only allowing babies from black men to be born. He also deals in manufactured drugs to make women blackmail powerful people to help the cause. Georges follows David and locates the ‘Journal,’ and learns the whole organizational plan. Georges carries all the information inside his head and knows exactly where to locate David. He will stop the organization as he and Diane carry their love through an eternity of nights.

In The Dark carries the reader into a world of intense power, hate, sexual appetites, and killings. Rob Graham creates a tale where anything goes. He pens a colorful cast that are raw in their actions, whether sexual or through their slaughters. Diane and Georges show strength in their love as they fight the dark demon. David is one ominous character that I would not like to run into, whether day or night. This vampire tale has a way of keeping the reader on their toes.

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