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ISBN# (10)0-373-69330-3 /(13)978-0-373-69330-6
May 2008
Harlequin/Harlequin Intrigue
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3BK9
217 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Detective Raul Cortez lost a wife and child two years ago, when he worked in the South Beach area. Now living and working in Savannah, Georgia, he learns he must work with a psychiatrist to help catch a killer. He would rather work with anyone than Dr. Madden.

Dr. Jennifer Madden knows about patient/client confidentially. She can get into the perpetrator’s head and understand more than the police but releasing client’s information is not something she is ready to give up.

It is the third time in three weeks the Savannah strangler has left his mark. Detective Cortez will be glad when they catch the sicko. It reminds him of the sick psycho that killed his wife and unborn child. He does not appreciate the fact his boss, Captain Black, thinks he should work with a shrink to unravel the mystery. Captain Black believes Cortez needs psychiatric evaluation and unless he agrees to work with Jennifer, he will make sure Cortez sees her on a professional level. Jennifer can help the case because she can get into the killer’s head and see where the motivation lies for such acts. She comes highly recommended even though Cortez believes otherwise. Jennifer has her own personal problems with her mother being in a mental facility. She certainly does not need some rude detective hovering over her. While the killer sets her as his target, can Raul Cortez keep her within safety reach? He has trouble with therapists, she worries about her mother. Can they work together, to stop a serial killer, as their hearts draw them closer?

In The Flesh is a dynamic read. I love the energy that ignites between Raul and Jennifer. Their dialogue is superb, emotions engaging and the chemistry they share is excellent. This spine-tingling suspense captured me from the beginning. Rita Herron is an outstanding storyteller. The plot is tight, characters sensational and secondary cast really adds a good sprinkling to the storyline. I love how she gives this captivating detective a compassionate heart. She paints a serial killer that is really sick. She blends in all the right elements to make a suspense that intensifies. I found this story extraordinary and unique, an exhilarating tale well-worth the read.

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