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ISBN#: 978-1-935013-04-4
March 25th 2008
Freya's Bower
149 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

At the Edge of Twilight

Colleen O'Shea has come back home after six years. Colleen remembers stories her aunt used to tell her of fairies and pixies while working in her garden. Colleen now works in the garden where the forget-me-nots her aunt loved are covering everything. Colleen remembers her aunt telling her never to go beyond the garden edge, but never knew why.

Rowain lives back in the woods, but it is a special place and not easy to get to. Rowain plays the heart song hoping to draw Colleen to him, but only if she is brave enough to go past the garden edge.

When Colleen hears music she follows the sound past the garden edge and suddenly she sees a handsome man Rowain. Rowain takes Colleen to his cabin and there Colleen falls in loves and forgets everything. But while gathering wood Colleen loses her way and suddenly finds herself back home. When Colleen looks back the meadow is gone and nothing looks familiar. Colleen is heart sick, will she ever find her true love or was all in her imagination?

Absolutely lovely. A very magical story that will have you believing in fairies, curses and pixie dust. Ms. Zane does an outstanding job, creating characters and setting the stage to bring the aurora of magic in and around the garden. Sexy love scenes compliment this tale for a truly magical read.

Robin's Cap

Kat Davis loved Graham Parrish but she hates that he loves sky diving, and she wants him to stop. But Graham goes behind her back and does it one more time. Kat moves out. But they both have invested in a Scotland trip, and not wanting that money to go to waste, Kat decides to go with Graham.

Graham Parrish loves Kat Davis and hopes to use this trip as a way to make up. He loved Skydiving and is not sure how they can work it out, but Graham only knows he wants Kat back.

Graham and Kat are out visiting the Hermitage Castle, there is folklore about Robin Redcap, but Graham does not believe in the stories. Kat and Graham enter the castle only to become trapped. That is when they hear the maniacal laughing. Robin Redcap is not lore and if Graham cannot find a way to kill Robin Redcap, both he and Kat will die an awful death.

Fabulous! A spine tingling tale that is sure to raise the hair on your neck. Excellent characters set up the scene for a harrowing tale in a deserted castle. Old folklore comes to life in a nightmare of events that will scare the pants off anyone.

The Icicle

Elli Erickson is in Norway with her mother Susan, stepfather David and her irritating stepbrother Glen. Elli wants piece and quiet, but with Glen there, she knows all she will get is a lot of nagging and picking. While watching an icicle become huge by the day, Elli also learns about elves.

Glen Waite is a recovering alcoholic and has been dry seven months. Glen knows he has been hard on Elli and that he took a lot of his anger and resentment out on her. But Glen really likes Elli and he hopes during this trip he can get to know her better.

One day when Elli thinks she is alone, she steps outside where her icicle drips from above when suddenly Elli is surrounded by light and luminance elves. They begin making love to her. Glen has seen this and now both Elli and Glen want to know more about these elves. But something is not quite right, and if Elli and Glen are not careful, they may find themselves lost.

Wickedly delicious, this mesmerizing tale takes you into a magical realm where elves like to play. Spicy hot this story heats up with the connection between Glen and Elli. Creative characters and a sparkling dialog keep you ensnared to the end.

The Dream

Kathryn Callahan loves fairies, elves and things magical. Katie is in Scotland to tour and learn about some of the myths there Celtic and otherwise. Katie strays from the other tourists while they are at a bar. Thinking to take only a short walk, Katie becomes lost at the edge of the forest where she spots a little wooden bridge. She decides to take a nap for a bit then go back. But when Katie wakes up, she is in for a surprise.

Aidan McLain has dreamed of a lovely lass in a skimpy outfit for a long time. When he comes across Katie he realizes she believes this is all a dream, and to keep her out of trouble he offers his help.

As Aidan walks with Katie back to his home, Katie cannot believe the man she has dreamed so often is taking her to his home, or if it is all a dream but seems so real. Things go awry when Katie walks into a fairy ring and the fairies do not like human visitors. Will the fairies keep Aidan and Katie or will Katie soon awake from this dream?

Sensational! Beautiful characters and interesting creatures sets the scene for this charming story. From the beginning you find yourself in an enchanted forest and from there you are carried away by the wonderful plot that unfolds with loads of sparkle and magic. Tie this all together with a steamy romance, and you have an extraordinary tale.

The Enchanted Meadow

Alina is fae and cursed to live her life in a tree. Alina waits for the one who can save her. When she sees the Raven warrior brothers she notices the only golden one named Taran. At first Alina wants to use Taran as an escape, but later Alina thinks he may be the one.

Taran and his brothers of the Raven have come to this meadow to protect their cattle. Taran knows he is different from his dark haired and dark eyed brothers, but he loves them just the same, and will some day be king. But strange things start happening in the meadow and Taran is afraid they have made a big mistake.

As Taran and his brothers watch over the cattle, Taran feels that this meadow is enchanted and soon he sees the glow of fairies. When Taran dreams of a beautiful lass he does not realize how close she is. Taran is drawn to the large oak for some reason, but evil is all around and Taran is not sure who or what to trust.

Hauntingly beautiful; this enchanting story takes the reader into a magical meadow where there is a bad curse and an evil source watching. These exceptional characters carry out a plot that ensnares the reader and keeps you there until the end.

Absolutely Magical! This book is made for those of us who still believe. These enchanting stories are filled with evil, good, fairies, elves and even trolls. All the tales are different but compliment each other well. These authors did an amazing job to keep the stories fresh and unique and no story is the same. These fabulous stories will stay with you for a long time. A phenomenal read.

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