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ISBN#: 1-55404-607-6
September 2008
Double Dragon Publishing
348 Pages
Rating: 4 cups

Abby Flannigan can see the future. Unfortunately, it is always tragic. In the past, she has been helpful to the police investigating crimes. However, now it becomes personal as it becomes evident that a murderer has zeroed in on her.

Jack Kelly, police officer, has fallen in love with Abby. He and his partner are investigating the murders of women taking place in their city.

As Jack and Abby become closer, their romance is disrupted by a serial murderer in their city. Abby knows it is someone from her past; someone she will have to face before she can move on with her life. She is hoping to discover who he is and stop him before he claims his next victim, which could be Abby herself.

Irish Magic is a thrilling novel. I love how it is suspenseful with paranormal aspects. Jack and Abby are classic, yet very modern characters, who are independent, yet need one another. The reader is easily drawn into Abby’s raw and intense emotions as she deals with coming to terms with someone who is not who she thought. The love story is passionate and simply beautiful. Ms. Whiting has written a commendable and enjoyable story.

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