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ISBN#: 978-1-935013-09-9
May 2008
Wild Child Publishing
123 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 2 Cups

Tia is a widow and a Native American. She has spent the summer traveling with Shane on his motorcycle. She has fallen in love with him, he sees her as a friend.

Shane is grieving the death of his wife Kelly. Tia is beautiful and he has deep feelings for her, but his mind is too occupied with his return home to deal with them.

Two people grieving for lost loves spend the summer traveling together on Shane’s motorcycle Belle. As they face the upcoming trial of the driver who killed Shane’s wife, they avoid dealing with their growing feelings for each other.

I started this story feeling like I was missing essential parts and never really caught up. This tale is obviously part of a series and I assume the first part would answer all of my questions. The premise is an interesting one; two friends united in grieving for spouses take a motorcycle trip. Tia is an appealing if not particularly strong character. She is uncomfortable most of the time and never stands up for herself or makes her feelings known. Shane is an incredibly selfish person. He never notices Tia’s discomfort and makes important decisions without consulting her for most of the story. This is particularly true when they hook up with the Romani camp. She is obviously upset and uncomfortable there, yet he leaves her alone, flirts with the women, and makes plans to travel with them and never once asks Tia’s opinion. The ghostly appearances of both Kelly and Shane’s father are well done and help the plot, and I enjoyed the visit with Lobo and Mama. Tia’s abduction by Raven adds some suspense to the plot, though his relationship with Tia is not clear. The courtroom scene clarifies things and adds closure for Shane as well as the reader.

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