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ISBN-13: 978-0-373-06654-4, ISBN-10: 0-373-06654-6
July 2008
Harlequin Enterprises Limited
225 Duncan Mill Rd, Don Mills, Ontario Canada M3B 3K9
Trade Paperback
187 Pages
Romance, Medical Drama
Rating: 4 Cups

Dr. Catherine Wilder works for one of the most prestigious rehabilitation facilities in Switzerland. Her clinic caters to a very exclusive and sometimes famous clientele such as the renowned racer, Dante Baldassare, who just happens to be her ex-fiancé.

Dante is a Baldassare; meaning racing is in his blood. His family is one of the top racing families on the circuit, and after the death of his brother, his decision to leave medicine was made for him. His family needed him, and his love for racing could be denied no longer.

Catherine cannot believe her bad luck. How in the world did Dante end up in her facility? He is the one man who could push her buttons, and the only man she ever loved. She even tried marriage to another, but never had the same passion she had with Dante. However, his career switch from doctor to racecar driver left her with no option but to leave him. She cannot abide risk takers; her father was one, and she vowed to never live her life on pins and needles again. Dante always regretted the way things turned out between him and Catherine. He knew that the decision to get into racing completely blindsided her, and he did not handle the situation well at all. However, his feelings for her never truly went away, and being a patient in her clinic for the next few weeks proves that wholeheartedly.

Catherine and Dante are in a serious love/hate relationship. How do they make it work when both are completely committed to their careers, with little room for anything else? These characters are continuously changing and growing throughout this story. I found their inner struggles and discoveries to be the real draw for me. Ms. Drake gives her characters personality and innate human flaws, really bringing them to life for her readers. This is a pleasure to read, and I encourage you to do so.

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