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ISBN: 9781603180863/ 9781603180870
January 2009
L&L Dreamspell
Paperback/ eBook
308 Pages
Romantic Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 5 Cups

Ruby Goodman has realized that her life is going down the tube. First she loses her job and comes home early to surprise her fiancé, only to find him in bed with another woman. Ready for a break, she decides her family’s vacation home in Florida is the perfect relaxation place.

Michael “Mickey” Augustson knows that when it comes to Ruby, he has made some bad calls. As a special agent, his personal life should be put on the back burner. As her best friend and one-time lover, he cannot get her face off of his mind and out of his life.

Ready for a little relaxation and fun, Ruby soon understands that her one attempt at sex will be sharing a home with her. Michael knows that he should keep his hands off of his best friend, but there is just something about her that tempts him like no other woman ever has. When Ruby’s ex-fiancé starts sending threatening letters and stalking her, Michael whisks her away to another destination. There, they will have to work together to apprehend a thief, never realizing that it just might turn deadly and that sometimes the enemy is closer than you think.

It Happens in Threes is one adventurous scene after another. Ms. Robbins has written an intense thriller filled with hunky men, beautiful women, and one action-packed stunt after another. I could not put this romantic suspense down; it was just so powerful and overwhelmed my senses. When I first met Ruby, she gave me the impression of being a wimpy woman, but it was not long before I comprehended that she has a spine of steel. Where Michael came off as a hardcore man with a superhero complex, I found his weakness was not kryptonite but Ruby herself. The author took a great story, stuffed it with sexual tension, added some drama, and crammed enough exploits to turn a wonderful spy novel into a perfect tale with unique twists and mysterious turns, accomplishing her goal of making one heck of a romantic and suspenseful adventure!

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