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ISBN# Hardback-(10)0-345-45992-X/(13)978- 0-345-45992-3/E-book-(10)0-345-50739-8/ (13)978-0-345-50739-6
August 12, 2008
Ballantine Books (Division of Random House)
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 100191284
288 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Pat Foy enjoys her life as a landscaper. Whenever she is not busy in the garden or doing any landscape designs, she busies herself with mystery stories. She has always tried to maintain close-knit family ties, trying to get along with everyone. Her life is about to change for the worse.

Frank Foy is an accountant for a giant telecommunications corporation. While most accountants are straight-laced, he knows how to have some fun. Unfortunately, after altering some of the numbers in the system, he is headed to jail for committing fraud.

Pat is having a hard time trying to digest that her husband, Frank, has just been arrested. Not only Frank, but almost everyone at the LinkAge faculty has been placed under arrest. The scandal travels fast and the media does not miss a beat on the coverage. After hearing so much through the media and facing her friends, Pat is finally glad a court date is set. Maybe now they can move on with their lives. She would like more than anything to amend what Frank has done but before things can even get off the ground, it seems that things for Pat, and her family, are spiraling like a mystery novel.

Although the story did not move at a fast movement, once I started reading, I was drawn into the concept and the interesting mass of characters. The players weave a convincing story with the fraud that surrounds the LinkAge. I like the way Pat stands by her man Frank, and goes out of her way to find a solution to help him. Jacqueline Carey does a great job in telling how some of the wealthy can often get off easier than those that are less fortunate. Sometimes the system is not always fair to everyone, and I like the way she expresses so in the story. With corporation corruption, and families that find themselves squeezed in the pinch, this story gives one thought.

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