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ISBN# (10) 0-7582-2227-0/(13)978-0-7582-2227-5
April 2009
Brava (Kensington Publishing Corporation)
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
320 pages
Fiction/Romance Suspense/Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Cassie Montgomery believes the man breaking into her half-brother’s home is a thief and will stop at nothing to blow his head off. When she learns who he really is, she finds it hard to keep her distance.

Caleb Wilson is in Hawaii looking for a missing friend. He and Dan had spent time in the Air Force together. Cal had years of military training. Running into his sister, Cassie, with a gun aimed at him, was not what he expected.

When Cal learns his friend, Dan, is missing, he sets out to find him. Learning he had died in a helicopter crash sounded a bit too suspicious to him. His half-sister, Cassie, believes the helicopter crash had to do with foul play. While in the Air Force, Cal and Dan had worked as pararescuemen in the search and rescue division. Cassie had heard Dan speak often of the stories he shared with Cal, and how the man had years of survivalist training. If Dan ever ran into trouble, he could always depend on Cal. Now that Cal is in Hawaii, he promises to get down to the truth. Cassie offers her assistance, but Cal does not know if he can work with someone who cannot keep quiet for two minutes. Not to mention, the closer they are together, the hotter the air becomes between them.

It’s Hotter in Hawaii is a pleasurable read. I was easily carried into the story with the sharp dialogue and the way the story flowed. I love the kiss part, when they zoom in so close and Cassie feels sparks. The characters interact not only with each other but also with the reader. This intense, hot, tale acts like a magnet pulling the reader into the storyline, never once letting go. HelenKay Dimon knows how to create a spellbinding tale that sends the reader on an awesome adventure. Cassie and Cal are two dynamic people that were not only refreshing but fun to be around.

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