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ISBN# 0-978-9986-4-2
September 16, 2006
Mardi Gras Publishing
195 Pages
Young Adult/Horror/Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Alexandra Bensen needs help in finding three percent of the Bensen/Western Rail Shipping Company started by her grandfather, she claims for her grandson, Richard. She calls upon Richards’s good friend for help.

James is studying to be a computer analysis with a minor in finance. He finds Alexandra’s request odd, but it gives him a huge opportunity for his future.

Soleil is a beautiful captive trapped within the mirrors.

James will be set for life if he does as Alexandra requests. He considers the offer, unaware that her manipulative plan will slightly tip the scales in her favor. Soleil’s magic is failing and when she makes contact with James, she informs him that each mirror in Alexandra’s mansion has a tribe member or creature that somehow threatens Alexandra. She further states that Alexandra is only using James to break down the balance in their world, creating chaos. Soleil and the others need James’ help. The ones behind the mirrors hate Alexandra, but James begins to question if he can trust ,or is it just some tall tale? She is just a beautiful captive trapped behind a glass, or is it all in his head? When he realizes the truth, time is of the essence for everyone, including him.

James of this World is a cleverly written fantasy that held me spellbound. James and Soleil emit so much emotion, this reader could feel their journey, their desperation, and their conflicts. Vividly detailed, it appeared almost real and the secondary characters as strong as the main ones. The way Mr. Climer even allows the mirrors to let their eyes like realms to peer throughout in this read is awesome. The creation of this outstanding book can be felt within each page. I still feel cold chills thinking of sinister Alexandra.

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