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ISBN# 1-59578-282-6
January 14, 2008
Liquid Silver Books
Price: $5.95
165 Pages
Erotica Science Fiction Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Jawk Brighton is a Kin, a cat-like humanoid, and he is working undercover at Bachelors, the hottest hang out in the galaxy for gays. His current assignment requires him to get close to mob boss Luc St. Cyr and his lover Wulf Gabriel.

Luc is a Sempervian, and immortal. While he gives the illusion of being a mob boss, he is far more.

Wulf Gabriel is a former model. He loves Luc but he is getting tired of Luc giving him to other men.

When Luc takes things too far by involving Jawk in sex with Wulf, Wulf uses his safe word during their bondage games. This begins a rift between the couple, and Wulf disappears from sight. Luc then takes Jawk for his lover, but Jawk is playing his own game. In fact there is a much larger game being played than anyone realizes. Who wins begins to become a moot point as secrets are revealed, and emotions are tangled up. Partners are changed, and new love is realized, but will everyone get a happy ending, or will the game become more important than individual wants, desires and loves?

Jawk, Tales of the Chosen is good science fiction, and has some compelling world building. The sex is very hot and makes this an enjoyable read. Not everybody gets a happily ever after though, and that was a little disappointing for me. The flow of events is smooth and handled well by Ms. Allen. The author did a good job with leading the reader along with clues, and such so that while you could not get the whole picture right away there were enough clues to keep you interested. This is a fun, sexy, romp, as well as a compelling read for those who enjoy m/m romance.

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