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ISBN# E-book-978-1-59426-483-2/Paperback-978-1-59426-4849
August 2007
Mundania Books
6470A Glenway Ave, #109, Cincinnati, OH 45211
E-Book/Trade paperback
144 Pages
Rating: 4 cups

Tempe Crabtree is a part-Native American Deputy in the Sierras. When a high school classmate is murdered, it becomes important that she remember a painful period in her past. To do this she must connect with her spiritual side, which conflicts with her minister husband’s beliefs.

Hutch loves his wife Tempe very much but wishes that her job did not take up so much of their lives. He is trying to reconcile himself to her getting in touch with the spirituality of her Native American side, but it is not easy for him.

When an abused woman is found murdered in her burning house it seems that there are two viable suspects, her brute of a husband and her delinquent son. Tempe does not make snap judgments but when the murderer threatens her, it becomes imperative that she find the killer and fast.

This is a page turner of a mystery. Tempe is a great character, wife, mother, and professional deputy; she takes all three roles very seriously. The author very cleverly ties Tempe’s Native American heritage into the story and the shaman plays a very important part in the story. Hutch’s profession conflicts somewhat with the shaman’s beliefs, though he tries to understand. Combined with the domestic abuse and murder of the victim, this becomes a very intriguing and at times exciting mystery with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing until the end.

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