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ISBN# (10) 0758214626 and (13) 978-0758214621
April 24, 2007
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
$14.00 U.S./$17.50 Canada
400 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Julia Bennett has a desire to leave her wasted mother and her jailbird father. She thought meeting Robert and becoming engaged would be her answer until things became a bit too complicated.

Robert Stanford III is abusive in his words and with his fists. He is not only considered stupid and a beast, but also a man that delights in smacking Julia whenever he loses his cool.

Julia was thrilled to be wearing Robert’s ring and planning for her wedding. Tired of being in a family where there was no respect, she was glad to be entering a proper respected family. That was before things sharply turned sour for her. When Robert begins his little name calling about Julia’s butt and her weight, then informs that her wedding gown have a full skirt because she has no figure to show any curves, it strikes a nerve in Julia. The badgering and fits of rage that he bestows to Julia, he so often blames on his high-profile father or a checker at the supermarket. After hearing Julia break into sobs, he quickly apologizes and begs her to forgive him, only to start the same scenario whenever his temper flares again. Tired of the abuse and the name calling, Julia decides to forsake the wedding ceremony. Tossing her ugly wedding gown into a tree in South Dakota, she leaves abusive Robert standing at the altar, grabs a bag of chocolates, that always comforts her soul, and leaves. Unable to be anywhere remotely near her tyrant mother, Julia heads to Oregon, to her Aunt Lydia’s farmhouse in Golden, to start a new life. Julia’s new discovery finds her disliking men in general, and trying to understand the power of a monster mother who always trashed her and made her feel as if she was nothing but an intrusion. Julia only wishes to find some sort of peace to repair her broken heart so the hurt wounds can be healed and she can learn to love herself again.

I cannot recall the last time I read such an impressible book. In Julia’s Chocolates, I saw a bit of myself. The way she and her mother had so much discord, the way she was abused and used by men, there are many women that can relate to Julia and her dilemma. I grabbed the tissue many times, as my heart went out to Julia and I felt her pain and sorrow. Her character is so real the way she uses baking and the pleasure of chocolate as therapy in her situation. Cathy Lamb paints a picture of a troubled woman trying to run from her past only to find herself caught up in it again, and having to decide to keep running or face the music. Ms. Lamb pens a rare and emotional read that engages and keeps the reader focused. This excellent, unforgettable rare story really delivers.

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