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ISBN# 1-933563-08-7
February 2006
Siren Publishing, Inc.
144 Pages
Sci Fi
Rating: 4 Cups

Gabrielle is in a dating slump; the only man in her life is her dog Skippy. On her way to a blind date, she becomes lost and her car breaks down. Desperately fleeing a madman, she stumbles onto something she should not have seen and ends up speeding through space to the planet Tiburon.

Keller, Crown Prince of Tiburon, is in mourning for his wife and is on his way to take a life mate on his home planet. He is travelling in an unconscious state when awoken by an invading Earthling and knows he has found his true life-mate. He just has to convince his mother the Queen and, most importantly, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle goes from one bad situation to another when she lands on another world and falls in love with a man she should not want and cannot have. She is imprisoned in a room with a very attractive and mostly unconscious man who asks for a kiss. Caught up in the surreal situation, she obliges and finds herself engaged to the Crown Prince of another planet ... a most unwanted fiancée in the minds of the Tiburon people as they have another woman in mind for Keller. Even if Gabrielle somehow finds a way out of this situation she did not ask for, will she want to leave the man she has fallen in love with?

Ms Santiago has a winner in this story. Gabrielle and Keller are very realistic characters in a difficult situation. The settings on Earth and Tiburon are well described, as are the supporting characters. I laughed at the description of Gabrielle as a "puny Earthling". The plot line was very involving, and I found myself unable to put this one down until the end.

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