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ISBN 1-58608-633-2
September 2005
New Concepts Publishing
202 Pages
Paranormal romance/Spicy
Rating: 4 Cups

Gaelen Riley knows the fairy tale rules strictly state that there will be no falling in love with a non-fairy. Unfortunately his brother did not listen and now it could turn disastrous. His brother is missing and he has to locate him using every bit of power he can at his disposal. One thing he never counted on was Annabelle entering the picture and love sailing into his heart.

Annabelle Tinker cannot believe the news. Her sister, Erin, has been placed in a mental ward. Erin states that aliens have seized her boyfriend, Lucas, just like the stories in the market tabloids where Annabelle is employed. Annabelle never expected her life to suddenly turn upside down with a demented sister and a fragile dependent mother, who is going ballistic over Erin being in the ward. When she meets the boyfriend’s brother, Annabelle is sure something strange is going on. She never expected her feelings to gear toward a six-foot handsome fairy with wings by the name of Gaelen.

Just Believe is a very pleasant read, full of zest and enchanting fantasy. Stories about fairies and how Annabelle has to hear about pun with her name Tinker when so many instantly think of Tinkerbelle was a story that captured my attention. It was fun reading the amusing frolic of romance as Gaelen and Annabelle seek to triumph over the fairy forces. The way Annabelle fought to have their own chance at love was like a fairytale come true. I could almost visualize the firefly tapping at the window and Erin’s reaction.

Anne Manning has written an enthusiastic romp of fun with fairies, kings, and pixies that will truly satisfy. She creates a believable story full of spicy heat that scorches. I found myself right along with the characters in their search for Lucas. Ms. Manning adds sizzle in her words putting the reader into the action taking you on a whirlwind trip that makes you feel young at heart.

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