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ISBN# Paperback-(10)0-06-054093-1/(13)978-0-06-054093-7/E-book-(10)0-06-146439-2/(13) 978-0-06-146439-3/Hardcover-(10)0-06-054092-3/(13)978-0-06-054092-0
July 2008
Harper (An imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
448 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

J.P. Beaumont was assigned to work with Mel after his last partner was killed. They work high profile cases. He never anticipated their relationship would lead to more. Thanks to an old friend, he is about to tackle a whole different case.

Mel Soames began sharing an apartment with J.P. not long after they began working together. When she is not working on a case with J.P., she handles some sex crime offender cases, helping with any cold case that has a lead.

J.P. and Mel work with the Special Homicide Investigation Team for the Washington State area. After being injured on the job, he is back to work after medical leave, assigned to missing persons. Ross Alan Connors, the Washington State Attorney General, wants J.P. to be his secret agent man. He and Ross have a history, after both lost their wives to suicide. LaShawn Tompkins, a former drug dealer, was murdered after answering the doorbell at his mother’s home. Ross thinks it is more than a drive by shooting, believing LaShawn was back to his old tricks after being released from prison. Ross wants discretion. That means not even mentioning anything to Mel. As J.P. sets out on a scheduled interview with DeAnn Cosgrove, who is in search of her father, he uncovers some long buried secrets that could explode in more ways than one, not only with her case but LaShawn’s. Up against so many odds, can he continue hiding things from Mel?

I absolutely love Justice Denied. It weaves together like a fine sewn garment. There is something unique and diverse about the main and secondary characters that carry a certain charm, immediately drawing the reader into the action of events. J.P. instills this laid-back persona that I thought captivated the storyline. The dialogue and moments he shares with Mel, makes the story even more realistic. J.A. Jance composes an installment I could read over and over again, and never get tired of what lies inside the pages, that is how wonderful it made me feel inside. With some twists and turns along the way, this is one impressive read.

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