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ISBN# 9781419917011
July 18, 2008
Ellora’s Cave
110 Pages
Menage a trois or More / Light Bondage / Futuristic
Rating: 5 cups

Giosetta Abatelli has been in love with Erik and Hart for a long time. She is just waiting for the two of them to figure it out; that, and their love for each other.

Arik Schermer grew up with Giosetta. She came to live with his family when her father died. He loves her very much, but she is not the only one he loves.

Hart Grover has been in love with Arik since college, and he is about to find out that the feeling is mutual, as are their feelings for Giosetta.

When Arik and Hart, through an anonymous tip, find out that Giosetta’s uncles have been embezzling from their company, it gives them just what they need to begin to take complete control. However, someone else has plans for all of them and they are not in the trio’s best interest. It is with the realization that they love each other and Giosetta that moves them to finally declare themselves. Unfortunately, even their tri-marriage is not enough to stop the wheels of menace from turning, and when their house is blown to bits, the two men take Giosetta and escape into the rain forests of Elryia, their colony world. But will they escape the machinations of the Assassin’s Guild?

Kama Sutra Lovers is one fast, wild, and hot ride from beginning to end. Ms. Cook does a wonderful job of showing how much these three love each other, making this a stellar story. The descriptions of Elyria, and the human culture that has flourished there are descriptive; the story has great world building. The sex is firecracker hot, but in a loving way. I will be looking to buy more of Ms. Cook’s fabulous books in the very near future, as this is a keeper!

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