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ISBN# None Available
June 2006
eXtasy Books
52 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

In 1807, the Earl of Heatheringham was murdered, his assailant never found. Some believe his spirit haunts the Red Lion, a staging inn. However, the Earl finds one guest who does not take him serious.

Present Day: Kate plans to reveal the true hoax behind the haunting. She does not believe in ghosts but when a mystifying figure greets her in the darkness of her room, she learns that ghosts and dream lovers live.

Katie’s night proved to be far from comforting. After traveling to the Red Lion Inn to investigate the story about the Earl, she found the room icy cold, with no central heating even though she was told it did. In her fifteen years of ‘ghost-hunting,’ she had never run into any ghost and the Earl would be no different. She believes it to be only a hoax to scare the guests and make huge profits in the so-called haunted hotel. After gale winds make the inn’s sign squeak, Katie decides to complain to the landlord. Before she gets out the door, she hears a noise. When a voice speaks to her and then the Earl appears she believes it to be a hologram trying to scare her way. The handsome man appears more a dream fantasy than any ghost. The Earl finds Katie a lovely creature and plans to change her mind about ghosts and other things.

Katie and the Ghost is a charming story. Kate is a likeable character and the conversation between her and the Earl is delightful, often having a couple of witty moments. Ms. O’Connor generates a pleasurable tale that practically steams every page. She pens a believable read that this reader enjoyed. I like her style of writing.

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