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ISBN# 978-1-59426-381-1 (HARDCOVER) / 978-1-59426-382-8 (TRADE PAPERBACK) / 978-1-59426-380-4 (EBOOK)
April 2007
Mundania Press LLC
6470A Glenway Avenue, #109
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211-5222
Hardcover / Trade Paperback / eBook
$26.95 USD / $17.95 USD / $6.00 USD
429 Pages (eBook)
Science Fiction / Fantasy
Rating: 2 Cups

Havoc is the King of Charm, a planet colonized by Earth a thousand years ago. Charm is a planet where magic volcanoes have resulted in a multicolored planet. As King, Havoc possesses more powerful magic than most inhabitants of Charm, a special kind of magic that only people called Glamors have. This magic allows Havoc and his friends and family to learn that Earth is seeking to regain her lost colony, by force if necessary.

Voila is Havoc’s natural daughter and the most powerful Glamor in Charm’s history. A clairvoyant, she can see the possible paths that Charm must navigate to successfully avoid being dominated by Earth. This is the second crisis that Charm faces and if they fail then both Charm and Earth will be lost.

Under Voila’s guidance, Havoc and the residents of Charm embark on a course of events that will forever change the face of Earth. Although Voila has already successfully navigated the first crisis, this second crisis will be an unprecedented rite of passage that will test the limits of her magic as well as her resolve.

‘Key to Liberty’ is an interesting story, with an intriguing take on magic and science. The story is well laid out, with enough twists and turns to keep the reader interested. Despite Voila’s clairvoyance, the outcome is still in question and the author manages to keep up this level of suspense. There are things that Voila knows that aren’t revealed until the end of the novel but there is an actual reason for this beyond keeping the reader in suspense. Unfortunately there are elements of the story that somehow manage to be both simplistic and offensive. The roles of men and women have been stripped down to simple caricatures that do both genders a disservice. ‘Key to Liberty’ is purported to be an adult novel but the sex scenes are sterile and lifeless. Sex on both planets has been reduced to such a transactional level that it is often described as efficient, something that I hope never to experience. Love and friendship are treated in a similarly desultory fashion, failing to capture the nuances and complications that make life worth living. This invariables affects the characters, making them hard to identify with and hampering the enjoyment of the storyline. As a result, many of the things that Voila, Havoc and others are forced to do during the novel lack any emotional resonance, leaving the reader feeling uncomfortable and awkward. The author often steps in, adding narrative elements that only emphasize just how poor the characters are written in that they can’t convey what the author is trying to say. ‘Key to Liberty’ is a good story but it is hampered by poor characters and simplistic concepts and fails to live up to its promise. The author should consider sacrificing quantity for quality and spend more time fleshing out the characters and story elements and less on the mechanics of writing.

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