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ISBN# 0-7783-2343-9
September 1, 2006
MIRA Books
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
$7.99 U.S./$9.50 Canada
400 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Jessica Fraser, a psychologist, is getting ready to head for a conference in Romania. She continues to have dreams and with them, she fears that evil stalks her. After some bad things happen to some of her friends, in Transylvania, she feels her premonitions are coming true.

Maggie and Sean Canady are Jessica’s good friends. Sean is a police lieutenant. Both of them get entangled in the mayhem.

Bryan McAllister is a professor with some dark secrets. Is he there to help Jessica or bring her harm?

The Master is coming but is anyone safe and can anyone protect Jessica?

Jessica fears that she is being haunted when her dreams suddenly become a reality, especially after vampires attack her friends. Things like this cannot be happening but everything is so real, she has a hard time accepting the facts. Even more so when she returns home to New Orleans, and learns that someone has been visiting the morgue, and while one friend may have died, another is missing. After Bryan McAllister arrives in New Orleans, Jessica’s fears grow even worse when she is not certain his true identity and why he makes her feel so drawn to him in such a magnetic way. Maggie thinks he is a nice man, but Jessica wonders. Bryan needs Jessica’s help. He has a feeling that she harbors her own secrets. As a professor, he believes that the Master is a powerful vampire who intends on gathering all the vampires to America. Both Jessica and Bryan have their suspicions of the other, but the attraction they fill for each other begins to work like a magnet. When strange things begin happening, more than normal, in the city of New Orleans, the two must work together if they wish to unlock the mystery. Even Sean and the police force have their hands full on this case. After the Master finds a way to get Jessica in his possession, Bryan knows he has to be strong if he wishes to put an end to the killing before Jessica becomes victim, but is he strong enough to outwit the Master and spare Jessica, or will the Master conquer this battle?

Kiss of Darkness is a spellbinding read. I love Heather Graham and her stories. Jessica is a likeable character and matched with Bryan, the chemistry oozes electrically in the pages. There were moments when their gazes met that I caught myself looking to see if they were in the room. Ms. Graham creates a setting where the atmosphere breathes life and cast little shivers down the reader’s spine. With sharp writing, clever and refreshing characters, not to mention some dastardly creatures along the way, she creates a rare read that almost takes the breath away. Refreshing, suspenseful, and unique, this reader found this book a gratifying read.

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