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ISBN# 0-7582-1546-0
February 2007
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
Trade Paperback
313 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Thorn Ferrell is a werewolf and a courier for the American Secret Service. Since she can go places as a wolf that humans cannot, she is highly prized. However, she works under coercion. The only reason she does the work is because a man whom she considered a father betrayed her secret to the self-same government. In Rumania on what she believes to be her last mission, and chomping at the bit to finish it, she takes refuge in her wolf form in a cave high on a mountain and in so doing comes into contact with the man who will change her destiny.

Yaroslav is a vampire, a magus, and on the run from his own kind. He is afraid the prince of his people wants to capture him because they think he used his powers to create the plague of the living dead and its carrier, which is spreading like wildfire through the countryside.

When Yaroslav stumbles onto Thorn in her wolf form, she attacks him. It is not long before Yaroslav realizes what he is battling is not wholly a wolf. Once Thorn takes a bite out of him and tastes some of his blood, this allows him to enter her mind. No one is more stunned than he is when he discovers her secret. When Thorn changes into her human form and he realizes she is going to freeze if he does not do something, he begins to warm her, and it is not long before they come together in passion. However, as much as Thorn finds herself caring about Yaroslav and even wanting to spend more time with him, she has a delivery to make. What she and Yaroslav do not know is that her delivery is tied up with her transformation from human to werewolf, the plague of the living dead, and its carrier. Without realizing it, these two become the key to solving the riddle of the plague, and Thorn’s existence, but will they be able to figure out the answers in time? Will they be able to keep their love, or will they lose each other to duty and the encroaching darkness?

Kiss of the Wolf is an erotic fairy-tale of the first order and I loved reading it! The world building and mythology creation are first-rate. The secondary characters are as well drawn as the main characters and do a great job of keeping the story flowing. Thorn, as the lady werewolf alone in the world, comes off as a kick-ass heroine who does not take crap from anyone, and she is the perfect match for Yaroslav, the ancient vampire. I savored reading about their contests of will that started at the beginning and continued throughout the book. The lovemaking is intense, very explicit, and extremely emotional, showing the strong bond these two characters forge almost from the beginning of the story. Ms. Hawke has penned an engaging erotic tale and I for one cannot wait to read her next book!

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